We all know that sweat has a major function in our body. It helps regulate the body temperature and releases body’s unwanted toxins like alcohol and sodium chloride or better known as ‘salt’. It also helps the human body to get rid of fats by burning calories through sweating. That is why infrared sauna Columbus Ohio is one of the best therapies that are wildly used nowadays. Infrared saunas do not only provide relaxation but also has a lot of benefits to offer for your well-being.  

Infrared Sauna

What is Infrared Sauna and Why it is Different from Traditional Sauna?   

Traditional saunas work by creating or producing hot steamy air around that will make penetrate to the human body which leads to sweating. On the other hand, infrared saunas do not produce steamed air around. Instead, infrared sauna uses infrared bulb on panels to warm directly the human tissues. It has a lesser risk of extreme heat that may cause damage to the skin. Also, unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas can penetrate through your body deeply than the steamed air.  

What are the Benefits of Infrared Sauna?   


Every day we tackle different types of activities like working, studying or shopping, etc. It will burn you out and sometimes gives you stress. Infrared saunas can help you by providing relaxation by balancing the human body’s level of cortisol known as the “human body’s stress hormone”. It will also relax the joints by getting rid of tension in your whole body, allowing you to feel stress-free and relaxed.  

Provides Better Sleep  

It is hard to work on a daily basis if your body is lacking the rest it needed. It has a great impact on your performance on fulfilling your daily task as a student, parent and especially as a worker. That is why infrared saunas is a huge help to keep your mind and body relax so that you can improve your performance to attain your daily or long-term goals. As your body relaxes due to a balanced level of cortisol, it allows you to have a better sleep and provides your body the rest it needed.  


As I have mentioned above, sweat helps your body detoxify by eliminating the unwanted toxins out of it. When using saunas, it allows your body to reduce toxins seven folds than traditional saunas does.  

Skin Purification  

Infrared saunas help to purify your skin by reducing the chemicals and toxins from your body pores, that results in a cleaner, healthier and softer-looking skin.  

Improves Circulation and Relieves Joints and Muscles Pain  

The heat that your body receives from infrared saunas increased the body’s core temperature and also increases the body’s circulation. It allows your body to stimulate blood flow, improve your muscles and joints and relieves joint paints.  

Weight Loss 

Most of us are health and body conscious, especially women. Great news for you fellows! Infrared saunas can be your alternative if your body is not on the condition for exercising. By increasing your body’s core temperature, it will increase the rate of your heart. It is also the same heart rate you are feeling when exercising and has the same effect of burning of your calories.